Mohair straight Doll Hair Weft Goat hair, 1 meter


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Wefted mohair simil human hair for easy doll making wig wefted – weft coarse mohair locks

The weft is commercially made from the mohair goat natural wool hair is treated to give it the straight wave. perfect for quick production of wigs for
Blythe dolls, waldorf dolls and any fabric dolls.

You can glue or sew strands or segments this straight Mohair Weft
This listing is for weft mohair tress, not for a crochet wig.

color from photo
Please be aware that all monitors show color differently – these colors show true on mine but may not on yours.

course mohair goat hair (like human hair) that has been fabric machine sewed into a weft
wavy coarse weft locks 20 cm or 6 – 8 ”
course mohair that has been machine sewed into a weft
Length approx 1 meter

1. ash blonde,
2. dark blonde,
3. Red brown,
4. dark brown
5. Black
6. irelandic red,
7. blonde
8. platinum blonde
9. Silver
10. Yellow
11. orange
12. Red
13. Plum
14. Pink
15. Peach
16 Dark pink17.
Hot pink
18 . Dark Plum
19. violet

Length approx 1 m or
waldorf doll hair, Doll Hair – Blythe Doll Hair , Art Dolls,

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 25 g
Primary color

1. ash blonde, 2. dark blonde,, 3. Red brown,, 4. dark brown, 5. Black, 6. irelandic red,, 7. blonde, 8. platinum blonde, 9. Silver, 10. Yellow, 11. orange, 12. Red, 13. Plum, 14. Pink, 15. Peach, 16 Dark pink, 17. Hot pink
18 . Dark Plum, 19. violet