Play silk , Hand dyed rainbow colors


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Playsilk Rainbow Stripe Gradient Playsilks ~ Silk Scarf ~ Hand Dyed ~ Waldorf Inspired!
This listing is for one ocean-inspired style hand-dyed rainbow 100% silk play silk.
Each silk is hand-dyed in single batches– every silk is a one-of-a-kind unique piece!
These are dyed to show the most lovely color variations and to give them a depth and vibrancy in both play and aesthetic. Blues, greens, turquoise tie-dye effect evokes feelings of flowing water, the sea, frozen ice floes, ice queens and princesses!

Play silks are wonderful, open-ended toys leading to hours of enjoyment for years to come.
Silks can be used in sensory play, as capes, dress up, dance accessories, baby blankets, forts, doll slings, scenery, peekaboo, on nature tables, for color sorting or whatever the imagination brings! Versatile, durable and eco-friendly, children will be inspired by the naturally soft material and gorgeous color palettes.

Unleash the magic of creativity!

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