SOLD! Paola Reina doll cloth vinyl doll for girls or base for OOAK Custom collection dolls, repainting, rerooting.





Doll Paola Reina 32cm (12.6 “) OOAK based on the original Paola Reina doll from the Spanish company.
She has Replaced the eyes on the new the acrylic blue.
Soft pastel makeup and clearly fixed.
Natural hair from hand processed wool long locks, very beautiful and soft, fixed by glue.

The doll goes in outfit, shoes – as you see in the photo.
Here hand sewed cotton dress, and leather sandals embellished with crocheted cotton flowers.

Sending from Italy.
Either by mail or by courier.
depending on where you are.

Europe is not subject to tax duties.
to other countries I can not be responsible for shipping and customs delay. Import duties and fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.

I do not accept returns or refunds.
Please understand, these dolls are made by hand with love and care.

This doll is not a toy for small children. It requires careful handling.

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Peso 500 g

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