Mohair angora goat locks doll ombre pink blue straight hair. 46 Grams




Doll hair Mohair ombre doll hair premium quality extra long mohair locks 12 in is made from real Angora Goat adult mohair wavy Curly long locks,
Mohair for doll reroot and wig making custom Monster High blythe BJD Reborn
weft mohair for doll wig waldorf doll, Doll BJD SD wig

Premium washed, hand dyed, combed fiber, Conditioned by LaFiabaRussa
very rare length natural mohair fiber
Amount available for a very limited!

WIP length extra long fiber. average has longer and shorter strands see photo .
10-11 in 25-28 cm staple long,
item 100519-03
hair color of mohair combed locks : ombre pink blue

for art doll hair
reroot – Blythe Doll Blonde hair , Reborn Rooting 
waldorf doll

Price is for some locks seen in the photo – all locks on the photo is 70 gr
28 gr = 1 oz
Set weight with rubber bands.

Please be aware that all monitors show color differently – these colors show true on mine but may not on yours.

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14 g, 28 g, 46 g