Felted fabulous fairy Gnome House amanita, waldorf Inspired spring Home Decor lamp shade – red felt doll decorating a child’s room




red hand felted Amanita mushroom will be made to order in 3 weeks

waldorf Inspired felted home for the fabulous fairy or gnome made ​​from natural wool
made in the technique of wet felt and decorated with a needle felt, and felt applique
fabulous fairy house for dolls can be used in games with playscape

lamp shade – can use a small lamp which is not heated, what a comforting night light!

Home is great choice for game boy or girl will decorate

Easter spring Decoration
Made to order
approximate dimensions
The is 11×20 см
4x 8 inches

Great gift idea!

to order there may be other pictures
can be realized by drawing a child, your sketch
this home for fairies/Gnome is recommended for ages 3 and up..

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Peso 100 g