angora mohair skin gray beige ombre doll hair, 10×10 cm


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doll hair ombre mohair goat curls for dolls wig making similar tibetan lamb hair mohair locks monster high wig custom blythe bjd curly doll hair reroot reborn mohair weft wool
Curly mohair ombre Hair – gray and beige nice silky mohair – pieces lamb skin real angora Mohair similar tibetan (mongolian) lamb fur but more nice hair!
Fur for doll wig – Lustrous, strong, soft, verstle fiber

choose size is approx (I’ll cut the skin on your chosen size)
pelt 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm)
8×8 in (20 x 20 cm)
Length of hair – 4″- ( 10-12 cm)
color natural non dyed gray / beige hair
ombre chatouche nuanced

skin great quality But not pretty thin skin. You may make a wig, weft it, make glue wigs for any doll. but it is likely it will need to strengthen the lining.

mohair locks is great for reroot – Cut the hair, sewing wefts, use also stitch wig whit pelt

perfect for making wig OOAK doll hair:
Reroots Custom Blythe Doll, reborn.
make the wid for bjd, barbi,
fairyland littlefee, unoa, Lati, Pukipuki, Realpuki, Pukifee, Nikki Britt, weft for waldorf doll hair
wig BJD, reroot, wig making, custom blythe, Reborn, pullip, monster high

Please be aware that all monitors show color differently – these colors show true on mine but may not on yours.

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10×12 cm, 10×10 cm, 10×15 cm